Software solutions from German company GWJ Technology GmbH for Mechanical Engineering.

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Web-based Calculation Software for Machine Elements. Installed Java (OpenWebStart) is needed. Free test account.

  • Shafts
  • Rolling bearings
  • Cylindrical gears
  • Bevel gears
  • Worm gears
  • Bolt connections
  • Interference fits
  • Parallel key
  • Involute splines
  • Pins
  • Springs
  • Timing belts

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TBK 2014

Calculation Software for Machine Elements. Offline alternative to eAssistant – no internet connection needed.

Manual (PDF)


Software for whole gearbox system calculation. The individual system elements are directly linked to the eAssistant/TBK calculation modules. Finite Element Method can be implemented for the stiffness calculation.

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TBK Manufacturing Suite

Calculation of the Real Gear Tooth Form of Gears. This is an essential for succesful application of five-axis milling technology.

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GWJ develops plugins for different 3D CAD systems to combine calculation (in eAssistant or TBK) and design very fast and easily.


Mesys RBC

Mesys RBC is used by bearing manufacturers to design new rolling bearings. Very powerful software for rolling bearing design and calculation including inner geometry. Can be implemented to SystemManager, then can calculation include the effect of housing and shaft deformations and fits. It is a leader in a field of rolling bearing calculations.

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The GearEngineer software is a powerful and intelligent tool for the calculation of various types of gears. The GearEngineer software is able to calculate and generate highly accurate 3D geometry of complex gears. This geometry provides the basis to manufacture gears in conjunction with multi-axis machining centers. Additionally, the software includes common calculation methods (DIN, ISO) for the calculation of load capacity. It also contains a tooth contact analysis (TCA).

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